Carbon Offset

A carbon offset is created by a project that mitigates carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalents (greenhouse gas emissions). NC GreenPower carbon offset projects can be in NC/SC/VA and must meet our quality criteria to ensure projects are making a positive difference. Types of carbon offset projects include methane collection and combustion from farm animals, landfills or other industrial waste projects.

To support N.C. carbon offset projects, you can donate $4.00 per “block” of 1,000 pounds. If you need carbon offsets to meet a sustainability requirement or goal, you can purchase them at the same cost of $4.00 per block of 1,000 pounds.

For customers considering carbon offset purchases of $15,000 or more annually, more competitive options can be provided through a custom quote. To learn more or to request a quote, contact Vicky McCann at 919-857-9010.

Since the launch of the Carbon Offset Product in 2008,
donors have supported
77,152 metric tonnes
of greenhouse gas mitigation
That’s the equivalent of preventing
170,091,074 lbs
of methane gas from entering the atmosphere
Equivalent to
215,682,496 miles
not driven
Or like planting