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Becoming a generator is a great way to get involved in the statewide effort to increase the magnitude and effectiveness of green power here in North Carolina.

Generators either produce qualified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or Carbon Offsets.

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Renewable Energy Credits

Renewable energy, or “green power,” is defined as energy that consists of electricity provided from solar, wind, small hydro, landfill methane, animal waste methane, agricultural waste and other biomass resources. NC GreenPower has specific definitions for eligible green power resources that qualify for our program. Projects must meet these eligible requirements. If you would like to become a generator, please review the following information to see where you can help make a difference.

Carbon Offset

NC GreenPower only supports projects that directly reduce carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A carbon offset generator is also called a carbon mitigator. The common types of carbon offsets that meet this requirement come from:

We currently have an ongoing open Request for Proposals (RFP) for Carbon Offsets that meet our carbon requirements and are looking to expand our portfolio of projects. We prefer projects located in N.C. but will consider those in S.C. and VA as well. All carbon offset projects must be measured, verified and tracked in order to be eligible for the NC GreenPower program.

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