What We Do

Solar+ Schools

NC GreenPower’s Solar+ Schools program launched in 2015. Every year, we provide grants for solar educational projects for K-12 schools across North Carolina, complete with a weather station, data monitoring, a STEM curriculum from NEED.org and training for teachers.

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Renewable Energy

Green power is cleaner electricity generated from energy sources that are replenished by nature. Your donation to NC GreenPower will support local projects that produce greener, more sustainable electricity, benefitting our environment and economy.

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Carbon Offset

A carbon offset is created by a project that mitigates carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalents (greenhouse gas emissions). NC GreenPower carbon offset projects can be in NC/SC/VA and must meet our quality criteria to ensure projects are making a positive difference. Types of carbon offset projects include methane collection and combustion from farm animals, landfills or other industrial waste projects.

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