Our Story

In 2001, a legislative committee asked the North Carolina Utilities Commission to consider taking the steps necessary to establish a voluntary contribution-based green power program. The Commission agreed to do so and turned the task of formulating the program’s structure to Advanced Energy. In 2001, a group of forward-thinking people came together to blaze a trail toward bringing green energy to North Carolina. Advanced Energy created NC GreenPower with the combined efforts of environmental representatives, electric utilities, government agencies, advocacy groups, consumers, technology suppliers and business partnerships to help turn North Carolina into a national model for renewable energy.

It took two years of stakeholder meetings before we were able to bring a finished plan back to the Commission for approval. NC GreenPower was formally launched by Advanced Energy in 2003. Over the past two decades, we have seen many changes, and we are grateful to the leadership of the NC GreenPower board who took those first steps that have made lasting impressions on the clean energy future for North Carolina. We also appreciate the great support that we have gotten from nearly 50 participating electric utilities that help market the program and serve as a pass-through for donations, making this landmark initiative available to ratepayers across the state that care about the future of North Carolina.