As a nonprofit, NC GreenPower works hard to help provide a cleaner, greener future for our communities. We continue to see growth in our program, thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers. Since 2003, our donors have helped us to support more than 1,020 renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation projects in North Carolina.

Proving It

See what we’ve done over the last 17 years.

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Become a Generator

Becoming a generator is a great way to get involved in the statewide effort to increase the magnitude and effectiveness of green power here in North Carolina.

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Contributions to renewable energy, Solar+ Schools and carbon offsets are given by individuals and businesses either directly to us, or through their utility. The utilities help us with marketing the program to their customers, billing and collecting donations, and they pass contributions in their entirety to NC GreenPower every month.

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School Stories

The NC GreenPower Solar+ Schools grant program provides matching grants for solar educational projects at schools, complete with a weather station, real-time monitoring, curriculum and training for teachers.

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