Corporate Sponsorship

Take a positive step for North Carolina and help reduce negative impacts on the environment

NC GreenPower is a cost-effective way for companies to send a positive message that can increase sales, improve customer and employee loyalty, and earn your community’s respect. Plus, supporting NC GreenPower can help to provide a cleaner environment, which means a greener future and healthier, more productive employees. Become a Corporate Sponsor with as little as a $100 monthly donation, and we’ll create a customized marketing benefits package that best suits your needs. To support North Carolina renewable energy projects, you can donate $2.50 per “block” of 250 kilowatt-hours, with a minimum of 40 blocks (or $100) per month. To support North Carolina carbon offset projects, you can donate $4.00 per “block” of 1,000 pounds. View our brochure here.

Purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates and Carbon Offsets

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) may be purchased to meet a sustainability requirement or goal, to offset your company’s electric usage, or simply to go green. If you need carbon offsets to meet a sustainability requirement or goal, you can purchase them at the same cost of $4.00 per block of 1,000 pounds. Purchases of more than $15,000 may qualify for our Brokered Bid product, a more competitive option provided through a custom quote. To learn more or to request a quote, contact Vicky McCann at 919-857-9010.

Whether you are developing your environmental initiative or just looking for ways to strengthen it, NC GreenPower can help. You can incorporate renewable energy and carbon offsets into your sustainability practices with donating or purchasing RECs and carbon offsets from NC GreenPower.

Solar+ Schools Grant Program

NC GreenPower offers grants for educational solar projects at schools, complete with a weather station, real-time data monitoring equipment, STEM curriculum and training for teachers. Any public K-12 school located in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 county in North Carolina may apply for our grant.

Solar Feasibility Study: Are you considering installing solar at your property or business? Our parent company, Advanced Energy – a nonprofit energy consulting firm – can provide you with an unbiased and independent analysis to help you evaluate the viability of pursuing a solar project. Learn more here.

By supporting our nonprofit, you will help to:

Sponsorship Levels

Champion $24,000 and above annually
Leader$9,000 to $23,999 annually
Sustainer$3,000 to $8,999 annually
Supporter$1,200 to $2,999 annually
100% OffsetContribution amounts vary

Corporate Connections

Our Corporate Connections Program is focused on working with sponsors to expand marketing benefits and activities into the workplace with awareness campaigns and fund drives.

Employee Awareness Drive +

This first level requires minimal effort on your part. NC GreenPower will schedule a lunch and learn or other opportunity for employees to learn more about our program, at no cost to you.

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Employee Matching Campaign +

After your company signs up for an Employee Awareness Drive, you can also opt to match all or a portion of employee donations made to NC GreenPower, allowing you to achieve a higher sponsorship level faster.

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Corporate Sponsorship +

Friend level sponsorship starts with a donation minimum of only $100 per month. For renewable energy donations, your company will qualify for a competitively priced Clean Energy Supporter product and receive 250 kWh per $2.50 block! NC GreenPower will work one-on-one with your organization to offer marketing benefits that best suit your needs. View our brochure here and a sponsor benefits sheet here.

Current Sponsors

Champion: $24,000 and Above Annually

Leader: $9,000 to 23,999 Annually


LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Buildings that are constructed using efficient and sustainable measures can earn credits toward LEED certification.

Purchasing RECs is one way to earn points toward certification. NC GreenPower RECs are accepted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USBGC) for LEED Green Power Credits. Utilize renewable energy generated right here in North Carolina to support your state, earn points for your project, and create a cleaner environment, in one simple step. To learn more or to request a quote, contact Vicky McCann at 919-857-9010.

Become A Sponsor

Become a Sponsor Add your organization to the list of corporate sponsors supporting NC GreenPower and our efforts to improve North Carolina’s environment. Sign up today!

If you have questions about your NC GreenPower sponsorship, please contact us at 919-857-9010.