Renewable Energy

NC GreenPower passes contributions to secure either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation. We are dedicated to providing benefits to all 100 North Carolina counties by creating opportunities for renewable energy and carbon offset producers. That’s why we work with generators of solar energy, wind power, small-scale hydro power, biomass energy and carbon offsets in all parts of the state to support projects for North Carolina. Our goal is to increase the amount of renewable energy and carbon offsets statewide.

To support N.C renewable energy projects, you can donate $4.00 per “block” of 125 kilowatt-hours, which will support local solar energy and other renewable projects. The average home in N.C. uses 14,400 kWh annually. Larger contributors can donate $2.50 per “block” of 250 kilowatt-hours, with a minimum of 40 blocks (or $100) per month. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) may also be purchased to meet a sustainability requirement or goal, to offset your company’s electric usage, or simply to go green.

For customers considering REC purchases of $15,000+ annually, more competitive North Carolina options can be provided through a custom quote. To learn more or to request a quote, contact Vicky McCann at 919-857-9010.

Since 2003, NC GreenPower donors supported nearly
1,058,240,062 kWh
of renewable energy
delivered onto the electric grid right here in North Carolina
That’s the equivalent to
26,456,002 days
of traditional energy use
The average single family home in North Carolina uses approximately 40 kWh of electricity per day
Which is like preventing the consumption of
857,174,450 lbs
Or equivalent to planting
Or equivalent to powering