NC GreenPower

As a nonprofit, NC GreenPower works hard to help provide a cleaner, greener future for our communities. We continue to see growth in our program, thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers. Since 2003, our donors have helped us to support nearly 1,000 renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation projects in North Carolina.


Proving It

See what we've done over the last 10 years

Since 2003, NC GreenPower Donors Supported Nearly

722,436,874 kWh

Of Renewable Energy

delivered onto the electric grid right here in North Carolina.

That's the equivalent to

18,060,922 days

Of Traditional Energy Usage

The average single family home in North Carolina uses approximately 40 kWh of electricity per day

Which is Like Preventing the Consumption Of

585,173,868 lbs


Or Equivalent to Planting


Or Equivalent to Powering


Since the Launch of the Carbon Offset Product in 2008,
Donors have Supported

30,993 Metric Tonnes

Of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

That's the equivalent of Preventing

68,327,881 lbs

Of Methane Gas From Entering the Atmosphere

The average single family home in North Carolina uses approximately 40 kWh of electricity per day

Equivalent to

86,642,570 miles

Not Driven

Or Like Planting




NC GreenPower passes contributions to secure either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation. We are dedicated to providing benefits to all 100 North Carolina counties by creating opportunities for renewable energy and carbon offset producers. That’s why we work with generators of solar energy, wind power, small-scale hydro power, biomass energy and carbon offsets in all parts of the state to support projects for North Carolina. Our goal is to increase the amount of renewable energy and carbon offsets statewide, so we frequently seek new projects. See Become a Generator for information about producing power or carbon offsets for NC GreenPower.



Solar Schools

Following a two-year strategic planning process, NC GreenPower is pleased to announce the launch of a program to provide matching grants for the installation of 3-5 kW solar PV arrays at schools, providing clean, green renewable energy in our state. Any K-12 school in North Carolina may apply for the 50% matching grant, up to $10,000, and NC GreenPower will assist the school with raising the balance of funds required. The program will utilize the NC GreenPower fundraising website, We have also partnered with the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Foundation who is offering a $10,000 matching challenge grant to any awarded public school who is successful in raising their funds, allowing them to increase their system to a 5 kW array. More information can be found under our NCUC Docket.

Information for NC K-12 Schools Regarding the NC GreenPower Solar Schools 2016 Application Extended Pilot – Year Two

NC GreenPower Solar Schools Pilot 2016

The NC GreenPower Board of Directors’ review committee met this spring to evaluate applications and make selections for the second year of the pilot. The five selected schools are:

  • Carolina International School, Cabarrus County
  • Central Park School for Children, Durham County
  • Mt. Pleasant High School: Academy for Energy and Sustainability, Cabarrus County
  • NC School of Science and Mathematics, Durham County
  • Queens Creek Elementary School, Onslow County

The following are dates associated with the NC GreenPower Solar Schools extended year two pilot:

Application period opens January 4th, 2016
Applications due to NC GreenPower* February 26th, 2016 by 5PM
NC GreenPower Board Committee review February 29th-April 1, 2016
NC GreenPower notifies selected schools April 6th, 2016
Deadline for school’s acceptance of award May 6th, 2016
NC GreenPower announces selected schools May 13, 2016
Deadline for school to have matching funds September 30, 2016
Expected date for solar PV to be installed by December 31, 2016

* Applications should be emailed to and applicants should state in the subject heading of the email “Solar Schools Pilot Application – [insert school name].”

Download Application Info as PDF
Issue Date: January 6, 2016

2015 Pilot Solar Schools

Huge thanks to the State Employees Credit Union Foundation for their matching challenge grant of $10,000 for each of our 2015 pilot schools!

We are pleased to announce that solar schools awarded in the first year of the pilot have successfully raised their funds for a 5 kW solar PV array to be installed at their school! All 2015 NC GreenPower solar schools have received their $10,000 grant from NC GreenPower and a matching challenge grant of $10,000 from the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Foundation.

We want to thank all the donors who contributed money to the schools through our fundraising website or by other means.

Visit our ribbon cutting photo gallery here.

The four selected schools for 2015 are:


$3 of $4 Model

Contributions to renewable energy and carbon offsets are given by individuals and businesses either directly to us, or through their utility. The utilities help us with marketing the program to their customers, billing and collecting donations, and they pass contributions in their entirety to NC GreenPower every month.

NC GreenPower only keeps $1 out of every $4 for program operations, though the majority of that portion just covers the cost of operating the program. NC GreenPower has applied for grants to help pay for most marketing expenses.

The remaining $3 of all contributions are reserved to assist with our education and outreach efforts and to support either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation. Starting on April 1, 2015, donations to renewable energy will also help support our new Solar Schools pilot program!

And when you contribute to renewable energy, you get the benefits of 50 kWh* of green energy on the grid plus you are helping to install solar PV arrays at NC K-12 schools. Contributions to carbon offsets help mitigate 1,000 lbs of greenhouse gases. *Change from 100 kWh to 50 kWh as of April 1, 2015. Every $4 donation to the renewable energy product will be split to provide $2 to generators and $2 to the Solar Schools pilot.

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