Why NC GreenPower

Who is NC GreenPower?

The current energy and environmental climate worldwide has helped consumers become far more educated on issues relating to renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation. Consumers are also more motivated than ever before to actually do something about it. Although NC GreenPower is benefiting from this growth in awareness, we still face challenges to increase our signup base. As people continue to use energy and create a larger carbon footprint as a result of changes in modern society, it’s more important than ever to address the fact that these activities have more of an impact on the environment. NC GreenPower is here to stay involved, gather support, and increase awareness in our state as a starting point. We know we can’t solve everything, but we are working hard to address these issues, which is why we need to continue to get donations to increase our ability to tackle the problems we encounter.

Renewable Energy in NC

Prior to the creation of NC GreenPower in 2003, the renewable energy landscape in North Carolina was very bare. There were very few large solar installations, wind turbines were practically nonexistent and less than a dozen landfill methane-to-energy projects were in operation.

Our Role

NC GreenPower was a landmark initiative and the first of its kind in the nation. The program connects people to renewable energy and carbon offset projects. By offering anyone the ability to support a cleaner future for North Carolina for as little as $4 a month, we bridge the gap between those who are unable to develop their own projects with those who need additional financial support through our incentive program.

Donations are used to subsidize the additional costs of new and innovative projects. Supporting alternative projects, such as wind power and animal waste methane capture, initially cost more upfront than traditional projects. When you donate to NC GreenPower, you are helping to support these cleaner, greener facilities. And while green power may not be going to the individual contributor’s home, renewable energy projects add their electrons to North Carolina’s power supply for the benefit of all North Carolinians. Carbon offset projects provide a cleaner atmosphere for surrounding areas.

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