NC GreenPower

Travel Offset Calculator

Ever thought about the impact that your driving or flying has on the environment? Ever wished you could do something about it? Now you can! With NC GreenPower Carbon Offsets, you can offset the carbon emissions from your activities.

Whether you want to offset a single flight or an entire year’s worth of driving, NC GreenPower Carbon Offsets are the way to go. You may select the make and model of your car and the amount of miles you wish to offset. Payment options are very flexible, with one-time and monthly options available in a secure online transaction environment.

Looking to offset your air travel? Download this form to figure out your offset amount, then visit our “Airplane Travel” campaign on to make your donation! If you don’t see the flight you need to offset on our list, please email klebrato[at]ncgreenpower[dot]org for assistance.

NC GreenPower has access to landfill carbon offset projects in North Carolina and South Carolina. All projects have been validated either by Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

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