Sustainable Holiday Take 1 – Thanksgiving

November 7, 2012

It’s finally that time of year when the weather begins to get a little nippy and the leaves start to change colors, hinting that the holiday season is right around the corner. Here are a few friendly tips to make your Thanksgiving Day a green one:

1. Plan Accordingly

According to the NY Times, it’s estimated that Americans throw away over 100 billion pounds of food, costing over $100 billion dollars a year. To avoid this, determine how many dinner guests you will be having and go from there. Cooking enough to feed an entire village may be a little extreme if you plan on only have a few friends and family members over. Why not lessen the burden and have a potluck? You have less to cook, more time to relax and in the end results in a good food portion to people ratio.

2. Shop Local

Before we all rush and eat ourselves into a Thanksgiving Day food-induced coma, think about where your food comes from. When executing on that shopping list, think organic or better yet – local. Not only are these green options but they are sure to guarantee a fresher, more nutritious meal. Visit the NC Farm Fresh website to find a farmer offering local fruits, vegetables, and even ethically-raised, free range local turkeys! (Plan ahead and order today)

3. Reduce Energy Consumption

As gas prices increase, why not plan a Thanksgiving dinner with nearby friends and family? You’ll not only save money but also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. If you must go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to turn down that thermostat, turn off the lights and unplug any unessential electrical appliances before you leave to go out of town.

Last but not least, keep it simple by going back to basics:


Recycle all packaging and beverage containers which will in turn reduce the number of times you have to take the trash out and significantly reduce how much garbage you send off to the landfill. Not sure what to recycle? Check out Recycle More NC for where to take your recyclables.

Have a safe and happy holiday and don’t forget to think sustainably during the season of consumption!