Sustainable Back to School Shopping

August 1, 2013


Back to school shopping can add up fast. And let’s be honest, you usually end up losing half of the materials you bought throughout the previous year, right? So why not take some pressure off your wallet and spend a day gathering those lost supplies and recycle the ones you’ve used! That box of pencils is lying around your house somewhere, and the supplies you already have are still in great shape. Here are some helpful hints for how to make your back to school shopping easier, less expensive, and green!

  1. Go through your desk drawers and collect all those pens, pencils, erasers, folders, notebooks, binders, etc. that are still in great shape. Mix and match and re-design to make your own trendy collection!
  2. back3Recycle those partially used notebooks by tearing out the used pages. Then, decorate the cover to make it look like it was customized just for you! Do the same for those perfectly good binders that have a few scratches and tears on the cover.
  3. Don’t have any old materials you can reuse? Go shopping at a store that carries green school supplies. For example, the Ultimate Green Store has everything from solar backpacks to recycled clothing and supplies. Everything they sell is either recycled, eco-friendly, or powered by solar. Better yet, you can conveniently shop online, and they have great deals. Even stores like Target and Wal-Mart have green options like recycled paper and notepads, so be on the lookout wherever you decide to go and be sure to make the green choice.
  4. Come see NC GreenPower at an event and get a FREE recycled pencil, pen, or notepad. Better yet, volunteer for us and get an organic and locally-made t-shirt!
  5. 1109p44-red-lunchbox-lNot looking forward to cafeteria food and the unreasonable prices they charge for it? Buy a lunch box to bring your favorites to school each day. To green it up even more, use reusable Tupperware instead of plastic bags for your sandwiches, but make sure they are BPA free! As far as your food goes, look for organic and locally-grown. Shop at local farmers markets for those fresh veggies, or eco-friendly stores like Trader Joes and Whole Foods.
  6. Shop at thrift stores for your back to school wardrobe. Places like Plato’s Closet and Uptown Cheapskate sell in-style clothes from the most popular name brands. Get your back to school outfit for less than 20 bucks!
  7. Follow these helpful hints to have a green and cheap back to school shopping spree.  Be sure to share these trendy tips with your friends and be the one to start the green trend in your school!