October is National Energy Awareness Month

October 19, 2021

While October is widely known for Halloween festivities and fall fun, it’s also recognized as National Energy Awareness Month! This annual celebration shines a light on the importance of energy efficiency and conservation. While it may seem a bit intimidating at first, there are many practical steps we can all take to become more aware of the energy we use and learn how to make the most of it. 

One of the first steps you can take towards efficiency is to keep track of your energy usage at home. This will help you create a baseline and set goals. There are a few options available, from smart meters to smart plugs. You can read more about them online to help find the best fit for you. 

Before the colder weather sets in, get a head start on your plan for the upcoming season. With just a few minor adjustments, you could save energy (and money!) in no time. Consider adding a few extra layers of clothing instead of bumping up the thermostat or assessing your heating system to make sure you’re ready to weather the winter.  

According to the Department of Energy, nearly half of your electricity bill can be attributed to your HVAC system, and replacing filters regularly can help to save you up to 15% of that bill. Investing in an inexpensive air filter far outweighs the cost of high energy bills. So be sure to swap out your filters this month. 

As fall approaches, we often find ourselves utilizing our oven more with holiday cooking. There are many options to help conserve energy as you crank up the kitchen. Does your oven have a convection setting? Not all foods benefit from convection, but it can help conserve energy when appropriate. If you don’t have a convection setting, no worries. Try swapping the oven out for a toaster oven when possible or plan ahead and cook multiple dishes in the oven at once. 

There are many ways to increase energy efficiency in your everyday routine, not just in October, but all year long! What tips would you share during Energy Awareness Month?