Go Green This July 4th

June 30, 2021

July 4th festivities are about to begin, which means it’s time for friends, fireworks and fun. This Independence Day, add a little bit of green to your red, white, and blue celebrations! Here are some tips to make your weekend eco-friendly:

Say No to Disposables

Disposable items often make for an “easy” clean-up but are not easy on the environment. Ditch the disposables this weekend and opt for reusable, compostable or recyclable dishes.

Prepare for the leftovers ahead of time! Send guests with to-go containers, compost them or plan for your next meal.


Buying new decorations for every holiday can add up. How about repurposing materials for decor this weekend? Place red, white and/or blue lights from Christmas in a mason jar or go for edible decorations and use fruit as an appetizer and table decorations.


It’s not a July 4th party if fireworks aren’t considered – but there are many alternative ways to green up your light show. If you’re looking for the entertainment value, consider a laser show or project your own fireworks electronically. Enjoy the dazzling lights that can be reused without the chemicals.

You can still reduce your carbon footprint even when participating in fireworks. Just pass on the personal show and join a community display.

What are your “green” moves this holiday weekend?

 -Alexis Giannattasio