Featured Volunteer – Jairo M.

May 10, 2019

NC GreenPower is incredibly grateful for our volunteers!

Our “Featured Volunteer” series will recognize some of our do-gooders for their dedication and service.

Our May featured volunteer hails from Durham, NC. Jairo is a student at Riverside High School and has a passion for preserving the environment. Having lived in multiple cities in North Carolina and Florida, Jairo is well-versed in the East Coast’s developing renewable energy scene. Jairo first discovered NC GreenPower through our volunteer listing featured on Activate Good’s website. He explains, “I like to interact with others, and this is helping me become more engaged in conversations and get used to speaking and explaining to others, as many have questions or interesting stories that they like to tell, for which I’m all ears.”

With his sights set on studying Environmental Engineering in college, Jairo is interested in renewable energy efficiency research and our solar schools program. Most recently at the NC Museum of Natural Science’s Triangle SciTech Expo, Jairo volunteered alongside a member of the NC Utilities Commission, who received his master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at NC State. We love when we get the opportunity to speak to youth about careers in STEM and this volunteer pair was an especially inspiring match to hear discuss making a STEM career a reality. For some, volunteering may be about logging hours, but for most of our volunteers, it is about educating the public on energy alternatives, networking and spending time in the presence of like-minded folks.

Jairo reflected that volunteering with us has given him an opportunity to explore new cities in the state and grow more independent as he prepares to go off to college in the near future. He elaborates, “NC GreenPower is a good cause to devote time to, because of the good that comes from spreading awareness of the current situations that are being inflicted on the Earth for our search to appease our rising population.”

NC GreenPower operates with a small staff, so we are genuinely appreciative of volunteers like Jairo that share their time with us to help us achieve our mission. If you’re interested in working towards a cleaner North Carolina with us, you can sign up here.