Energy-Sucking Devices Are Needlessly Costing You and the Environment

October 24, 2019

October may be known for Halloween, but it’s also Energy Awareness Month! With both of these in mind, we figured it would be a great time to share a simple and not-so-scary way to support the environment while also saving money on your energy bill each month: unplug!

Source: trenttsd

Many of today’s electronics, appliances and devices consume electricity even when seemingly turned off or not in use. These energy vampires, sometimes called idle or phantom loads, can add over $150 to your annual energy bill and equal the electricity supplied by 50 large power plants! So even though that smartphone charger is not connected, you and the environment are still paying for electricity it is using.

But do not fear. Once confronted, these beasts are quite harmless. Defeating them is as simple as unplugging them or shutting off the power strips they are connected to. You can also consider a smart power strip, which has specific outlets that can cut power to electronics that are not in use.

So don’t get spooked by your next bill. This Halloween, as you’re putting on your costume and collecting candy, remember how easy it can be to defend yourself against evil energy spirits, save money and ward off unnecessary pollution.