Celebrating 15 Years of NC GreenPower with 15 Stories

October 8, 2018

Have you heard? This year marks our 15th Anniversary! Fifteen years ago, NC GreenPower was officially established by the Utilities Commission.

It seems like only yesterday that we first started supporting green initiatives in North Carolina. And we couldn’t have made it to year 15 without you. Time to celebrate!

While we already had a blast celebrating with our dedicated Board of Directors, sponsors and volunteers at a recent intimate gathering at our offices (see more pictures here), we have much more to celebrate! Here you can find our 15 Years and 15 Stories campaign. Read all about our stories, memories and pictures from the past 15 years. We love a good throwback and hope you’ll enjoy our stories as much as we enjoyed putting them together.



NC GreenPower is celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. We will be sharing 15 stories in the 15 days leading up to our anniversary to celebrate! Join us each day and learn more about our organization, our impact and the people who make it all possible. Day 1 takes a closer look at how it all began. #NCGP15Years


Day two of NC GreenPower’s 15 years and 15 stories anniversary celebration! Sharing some firsts: Did you know? In 2003 we were launched as the first statewide, multi-utility green power program in the nation. #NCGP15Years



Day three of NC GreenPower’s 15 years and 15 stories anniversary celebration! Featuring one of our 1020+ past renewable energy generators. Rainer Dammer received incentive payments (funded 100% by our donors!) for every kilowatt hour of green energy his solar project shared with the electric grid. #NCGP15Years




Day four of NC GreenPower’s 15 years and 15 stories anniversary celebration! Featuring one of our first large projects – a 75.6 kW solar system at the PNC Arena. The array was the largest in the state at the time of installation. Created in partnership with NC State University, it was constructed on a plot of land that was an environmentally contaminated brownfield. Now that it produces renewable energy, it’s a greenfield! #NCGP15Years


Day five of our 15 years highlights: The NC GreenPower Solar Schools program is an important milestone for our nonprofit. It provides matching grants for 5 kilowatt solar educational projects at schools, complete with a weather station, real-time monitoring, STEM curriculum and training for teachers. So far we have helped 27 schools to receive solar arrays! #NCGP15Years


Day six: Our very first Solar School grant recipient was Meadowview Magnet Middle School, a rural school in Surry County, North Carolina. With their mission “Hands-On Minds-On” and more than 400 students, the school serves all schools in the Surry County System with a special emphasis on K-8. Read the full school story here: https://ncgp.wpengine.com/stories/meadowview-magnet-middle-school/



Day seven of our 15 year celebration features Carolina International School, a K-12 school in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. More than 900 students have access to the solar array and the educational solar kits that NC GreenPower provided. Read the full school story here: https://ncgp.wpengine.com/stories/carolina-international-school/



Our impact! NC GreenPower donors have helped us reach thousands of students in K-12 schools across North Carolina since our Solar Schools program launched just over 3 years ago #NCGP15Years


 DAY 9

We celebrate one of our most dedicated volunteers! Over our 15 year history, retired engineer John Seymour has contributed his talents, energy and skills to spread the word about our program across the Triangle and beyond. We estimate he has probably invested more than 150 hours of his own time into the program over just the last five years, not only staffing table events and making presentations, but also reaching out to businesses and organizations. Thank you to John and all of our volunteers for being an integral part of our organization! #NCGP15Years


DAY 10

We celebrate another amazing volunteer! Nefertiti is a young professional who has attended many STEM related events to represent NC GreenPower. She believes it’s very important to educate youth on the importance of STEM – including renewable energy – and how they can affect change even if they are still young. Her most memorable volunteer experience was the 2017 STEM Back to School Minority fair. She loved being able to talk to all the students and parents about NC GreenPower and her journey through her career in STEM. Thank you to Nefertiti and all our volunteers for being an integral part of our organization! Read her volunteer story at https://ncgp.wpengine.com/featured-volunteer-nefertiti-p/ #NCGP15Years


DAY 11
We would like to share a quote from one of our supporters. More stories from NC GreenPower supporters, donors and volunteers can be found at https://greatnonprofits.org/org/nc-greenpower



DAY 12

Our Board! Made up of 17 seats representing a diverse group of stakeholders who are instrumental to our program, the members of the NC GreenPower Board of Directors are appointed by the NC Utilities Commission and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Buy they all have one thing in common: working hard to help us secure a brighter, cleaner future for North Carolina and all of its residents. Here is a #FlashbackFriday picture of our 2004 board members #NCGP15Years

DAY 13

Our lucky staff! With the equivalent of only 3.5 full time employees (plus the occasional intern), we definitely have our hands full at NC GreenPower. Each of us is passionate about our mission to provide an educational impact in schools and support clean energy in North Carolina #NCGP15Years

DAY 14

We look to the future. Over the next decade, we plan to continue raising awareness about green energy and sustainability across North Carolina. Most of all, we would love to see one of our educational solar installations at schools in every one of our 100 NC counties, supporting our mission to educate future renewable energy leaders. You can help us make this dream a reality by supporting NC GreenPower here: ncgp.org/donate. Check out our interactive solar schools’ map! ncgp.org/solar-schools #NCGP15Years

DAY 15

Thank you for following us on our 15 stories in 15 days campaign! We’re so excited to be able to share our favorite stories and memories with you and can’t wait to create more and more every year! Here’s to 15 more years of green energy in North Carolina. Cheers to 15 years! #NCGP15Years