NC GreenPower

Thanks to everyone for helping us complete a successful fundraising auction!

The solar panels you are bidding on are Yingli YGE-U 72 cell 305/310 watts. Participants can view an auction without an account. An account is only needed for entering bids. They will be sold in 20 lots of 16 panels each. Panels are surplus from a utility-scale solar installation and may have some cosmetic flaws (dents, scratches) or may potentially have lower efficiency than new panels. All panels are sold in “as-is” condition and have not been tested for functionality; no warranties or installation will be offered for this sale. Winners will be required to sign a purchase agreement to accept the panels in “as-is” condition at pick-up; purchase agreement will be sent to bidders in advance. Bidders with intent to resell and those who are not bidding for personal use will be restricted from participating.

Panel Specifications: Yingli spec sheet YGEU72CellSeries_US_201602_V02

Auction Guidelines: View the auction at Starting bid price for a lot of 16 panels is $900. The minimum bid increment is $20. We will be offering up to 20 lots (Lots A-T), each of which contains 16 individual solar panels (approximately 5 kilowatts combined). We will also be offering a no-bid/instant purchase price of $1,400. Auction sniping is the act of placing a bid, which will likely exceed the current high bid, as late as possible, leaving little to no time for others to outbid the sniper. To prevent this, each auction has an Extended Bidding option. You’ll know when this option is on because the time remaining displayed on each item page will be prefixed with “At least.”

Bids must be received by May 13, 2019 no later than 3:00 pm EDT to qualify, unless the option of extended bidding is activated due to last minute bids submitted in the final three minutes of the item bidding window. In this case, the auction for those items will be extended for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Payments: Upon notification of winning a lot(s), bidder will be asked to select their preferred payment method. Bidders who wish to pay by credit card will be invoiced at the email address on record with information on how to pay online; credit card payments must be made by Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Bidders who wish to pay by bank/cashier’s check or money order must mail checks to NC GreenPower; check payments must be received by NC GreenPower by Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Personal and business checks are not accepted. The winning bidder must prepay before picking up panels. Credit cards (AmEx, VISA, MASTERCARD) may be used to pay online prior to panel pick up. Buyers will incur a 3.5% fee for American Express transactions. All other credit card transactions will incur a 2.2% fee.

Panel pick up: Panels must be claimed within two weeks of confirmed payment, no later than 4:00 pm EDT on Friday, May 24, 2019; winning bidders must pick up panels on either Thursday, May 23 or Friday, May 24 between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. All expenses associated with pick-up and transportation are the responsibility of the winning bidder. Modules will not be shipped under any circumstances. We recommend that you bring a minimum of six 16’ ratchet tie-down straps (or similar) to secure your panels. Upon request, a pallet can be ordered for your panels prior to pick-up. Pallets must be requested by May 15, 2019. The additional cost for the pallet is $90, and our team is scheduled to package panels on pallets the week of May 20. Additional details will be provided via email.

NC GreenPower is not responsible for any errors, delays in transmission, or delays in the processing of bids caused by email or server issues. Each lot will be sold to the highest bidder; in the event of matching highest bids, the winner will be the individual who submitted their bid first. There is no limit on the number of lots on which one individual can bid. In the case that payment is not received by 5:00 pm EDT on Wednesday, May 14, 2019, the highest bidder then forfeits their lot(s) to the second highest bidder.

Any lots not picked up on the designated pick-up days will be forfeited to NC GreenPower; refunds will not be allowed. All donations will be used to support the NC GreenPower Solar Schools program.




Unit H14 Lots A-D




Unit H17 Lots E-L



Unit B38 Lots M-T