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Becoming a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of the NC GreenPower program by purchasing renewable energy or carbon offsets produced in North Carolina is easy. The NC GreenPower team will help potential sponsors along every step of the participation process. Being proactive in sharing information and addressing concerns within the organization can help encourage everyone to support involvement in the NC GreenPower program.

Identify Objectives

Before a purchase is made, potential sponsors are encouraged to identify the objectives for their purchase. Some common questions to ask are:

  • What benefits are expected from becoming a sponsor?
  • How can this sponsorship impact the organization’s environmental image?
  • What other practices can be employed to further extend the initiative?

Evaluate energy data

Take a careful look at the way the organization uses energy and creates greenhouse gas emissions. Collect and compile data from monthly utility bills and find out how much electricity is consumed. Energy efficiency results in energy savings, which can help cover much, if not all, of the cost of participating in the NC GreenPower program. And energy efficiency reduces emissions produced from the generation of electricity used by the organization.

Talk to us

NC GreenPower can help your organization find a solution that meets your specific needs and benefits the communities you serve. To find out more, contact NC GreenPower at 866-533-NCGP or via email at corpsales@ncgreenpower.org.

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