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At the heart of every nonprofit is a collection of dedicated volunteers that carry the spirit and message of the organization into the community. NC GreenPower is no different, and we welcome all volunteers who wish to represent our organization. We operate using a very small staff, so we
depend on volunteers to help us spread the word about NC GreenPower.

This month is Earth Month and we are giving away stuff! If you aren’t already on our social networks, we invite you to like us on Facebook so you can enter to win. Each week, we will update the contest announcements and the prizes we are giving away, so stay tuned!


Volunteering / Speakers Bureau

Become a NC GreenPower Volunteer and help us spread the word.

Some of our requests will involve a formal presentation of a PowerPoint or Prezi to a small audience. Most of our requests are for volunteers to staff an outreach table at an event with one or two other volunteers. You may work on your own, but in most cases, volunteers work with a team. Speakers Bureau volunteers would be asked to greet event goers, answer brief questions about NC GreenPower and hand out promotional items, such as our recycled newspaper pencils. We will have information and photos of our projects and at outdoor events, we usually have a small solar demonstration on display.

NC GreenPower operates using a small staff so to help us spread the word about the program, we depend on hundreds of volunteers to provide education and outreach to the public. In any given year, NC GreenPower may receive more than 200 requests to speak at or attend events. Volunteers assist us by staffing nearly half of these, especially during April’s Earth Month and October’s Energy Action Month.

If you have questions about volunteering, please contact us.

The NC GreenPower Speakers Bureau was created to help carry the message of our mission to all corners of North Carolina. Comprising more than 400 volunteers statewide, the Speakers Bureau provides free presentations to any group, business or organization that has an interest in learning more about clean energy alternatives, carbon offsets and their benefits. The Speakers Bureau also strives to increase participation in the NC GreenPower program, providing economic, environmental, and health benefits to all citizens of North Carolina.

The speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and include
NC GreenPower representatives, economists, environmentalists, electric utility representatives, renewable energy advocates and generators, government officials and more. Volunteer Speakers Bureau members might staff a table with other volunteers at an Earth Day event or present on their own to a Rotary Club.

If you have never been trained to volunteer, you have the option of attending a local training session, an online webinar or participating in a scheduled one-on-one training with one of our staff members. Refresher sessions take about 20 minutes and full training sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. We also provide you with a booklet to take with you for reference and provide these same materials at the event you will be staffing.

Anyone may be trained to serve as a volunteer for the Speakers Bureau. To sign up to be a volunteer Speakers Bureau member, please email us at We will provide you with training prior to your first volunteer experience.

If you have questions about becoming a part of the
Speakers Bureau, feel free to contact us anytime by email at

To request a speaker, fill out the form below.

  • Apr 17

    Earth Month at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

    North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, 11 W. Jones St
    Raleigh, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    This year the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will be hosting a new Earth Month celebration each Thursday night in April, focusing on different Earth Day related topics. NCGP will participate on April 17th which will be about Sustainability. The goals of this night are to discuss sustainable practices and resources. NCGP will need volunteers to help staff an outreach table.
  • Apr 22

    2014 Annual Sustainable Energy Conference

    NC State University McKimmon Center
    Raleigh, NC

    April 22- 23, 2014

    The annual Sustainable Energy Conference is an important high level clean energy economy gathering in North Carolina and the South. There will be energy professionals, business leaders, policy shapers and key decision-makers from across the state and region in attendance. Those attending the conference will hear from the top thinkers, policy makers and opinion shapers on the energy issues. Registration ends April 11th.
  • Apr 22

    Vance-Granville Community College Earth Day

    Franklin Campus
    Louisburg, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    NC GreenPower will need volunteer help to staff an outreach table for the Earth Day event.
  • Apr 23

    Biogen Idec Sustainability and Health Fair

    5000 Davis Dr.
    Durham, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    NC GreenPower will have an outreach table at Biogen Idec's Sustainability and Health Fair to educate their employees about renewable energy and carbon offsets and their effect on public health.
  • Apr 25

    Orange County Earth Evening

    Farmers Market Pavilion, 140 E. Margaret Ln
    Hillsborough, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    Earth Evening is a celebration of Earth Day where you can take part in environmental programs for the whole family. Bring cooking oil, cell phones, and florescent lights to be recycled. NCGP will have an outreach table that will need to be staffed by volunteers.
  • Apr 26

    Wilmington Earth Day Festival

    Hugh MacRae Park
    Wilmington, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    The theme for this year's Earth Day Festival is "Clean Water Starts Here". The focus will be on living sustainability. The festival will have live music, food and drink, vendors, and exhibitors. NC GreenPower will need volunteer help to run a booth at the event.
  • Apr 26

    Stallings & Indian Trail Earth & Arbor Day

    Stallings Municipal Park, 315 Stallings Rd.
    Matthews, NC


    Volunteers Needed: Outreach Table

    Earth & Arbor Day will be full of activities and educational workshops about the environment. NC GreenPower will need volunteer help to staff an outreach table.

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My NC GreenPower


My NC GreenPower is a community for advocates of a cleaner, greener environment in North Carolina to join together for fundraising. Individuals and groups can create a profile page and launch campaigns, raising money to fund renewable energy and carbon offset projects across our state.

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My NC GreenPower campaigns allow you to help raise money for renewable energy, carbon offsets or both. You can choose a campaign idea that we provide for you – such as running a race, offsetting your home, office or school, donating for your birthday – or create an entirely new campaign! Click the links below to browse existing campaigns that are in need of funding or start one of your own today.

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Browse Existing Campaigns

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Renewable energy or “green power” is defined as energy that consists of electricity provided from solar, wind, small hydro, landfill methane, animal waste methane, agricultural waste and/or other biomass resources. Contributions to NC GreenPower have made projects like these possible. The installation of the renewable energy system was funded by the project owner.

This generator project is grid-tied and interconnected with their electric utility. The utility compensates the producer for the electricity generated to the grid, and NC GreenPower provides additional incentives for the green attributes (or RECs) for each kilowatt hour added to the grid.

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Request a Speaker

The NC GreenPower Speakers Bureau was created to help carry the message of our mission to all corners of North Carolina. Comprised of many speakers statewide, the Speakers Bureau provides complimentary presentations to any group, business or organization that has an interest in learning more about clean energy alternatives, carbon offsets and their benefits to the people of this state. We have speakers located throughout North Carolina who are trained to speak to a variety of audiences, and love to do so! In addition, our speakers receive training which enables them to address the needs of most audience requests.

Requesting a speaker is easy and is at no cost to you.

To request a speaker for your event, please fill out the request form

Please complete and submit this request form if you would like for someone from NC GreenPower to speak at or staff an awareness table for an upcoming event. You will get an email within 1-2 business days letting you know that your request has been received by NC GreenPower.

However, due to the volume of requests that we receive, it may take us a few weeks to secure a speaker for you. We ask that you are patient and contact us if you have any questions about your request.

Event Information:

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Please provide a brief explanation of the event, as well as any specific presentation requests.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Take a positive step for North Carolina and help reduce negative impacts on the environment through a donation to NC GreenPower.
Sponsoring NC GreenPower is a cost-effective way for companies to send an ongoing positive message that can increase retail sales, improve customer and employee loyalty, and earn the community’s respect. Plus, NC GreenPower is working to provide a cleaner environment, which means a greener future and healthier, more productive employees.

Sponsorship Levels
Champion $24,000 and above annually
Partner $9,000 to $23,999 annually
Supporter $3,000 to $8,999 annually
Friend $1,200 to $2,999 annually
100% offset Contribution amounts vary

Whether you are developing your environmental initiative or just looking for ways to strengthen it, NC GreenPower can help.

By supporting our nonprofit, you can help to:

  • Meet your organization’s environmental goals
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Enhance morale and educate your employees
  • Demonstrate leadership in the community
  • Support positive corporate branding
  • Bolster local renewable energy economy
  • Build a sustainable energy future for N.C.

Corporate Connections Options
Our Corporate Connections Program is focused on working with sponsors to expand marketing benefits and activities into the workplace with awareness campaigns and fund drives.


Employee Awareness Drive

This first level requires minimal effort on your part. NC GreenPower will schedule a lunch and learn or other opportunity for employees to learn more about our program, at no cost to you.

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Employee Matching Campaign

After your company signs up for an Employee Awareness Drive, you can also opt to match all or a portion of employee donations made to NC GreenPower, allowing you to achieve a higher sponsorship level faster.

Contact Us to Learn more


Corporate Sponsorship

You can qualify for Corporate Sponsorship with a donation of $100 per month and NC GreenPower will work one-on-one with your organization to offer marketing benefits that best suit your needs. With a donation of $250 per month to renewable energy you qualify for the more competitively priced product and get more energy for your money!

Sign Up to Become a Sponsor

NC GreenPower individual and corporate participation is vital to the success of our program.  Join the thousands of individuals who support NC GreenPower and add your name to this growing list of corporate sponsors!  Corporate sponsorship sends a strong positive message to your community about your commitment to the environment and to our state.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a world-renowned green building program that provides building owners and operators with a framework for finding and implementing real-world green building design, construction, operation, and maintenance.



You can now buy green power for your LEED project easier than ever! Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced in North Carolina for LEED Green Power Credit points can be purchased through NC GreenPower.

NC GreenPower RECs are accepted by the NC Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED Green Power Credit points. Now, you can utilize renewable energy generated right here in North Carolina to support your state and community. A LEED Green Power Credit for your project, and a cleaner environment for North Carolina, all in one simple step. Current LEED purchasers can be found in our sponsor listing online.

To learn more or to requests a quote, contact Katie Shepherd at 919-857-9026 or by email:

Become a Sponsor
Add your organization to the list of corporate sponsors who are supporting NC GreenPower and our efforts to improve North Carolina’s environment.  Sign up today!

If you have questions about your NC GreenPower sponsorship, please contact NC GreenPower at 866-533-NCGP or by email

Your Contribution:

Sponsorship Levels
Champion $24,000 and above annually
Partner $9,000 to $23,999 annually
Supporter $3,000 to $8,999 annually
Friend $1,200 to $2,999 annually
100% offset Contribution amounts vary

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