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Green Power Your Next Event

For years, NC GreenPower subscribers have been able to offset the energy footprint of their home. Now you can do the same for events! At NC GreenPower, we encourage event planners to reduce their carbon footprint by helping them to “green up” their conference, wedding, party, or other special events. We enable you to offset the environmental impact with an equivalent purchase of renewable energy and/or carbon offsets through NC GreenPower, an independent, nonprofit organization who contracts with local generators.

Our online calculator lets you select the category of building your event is held in, the square footage committed to the event and the number of hours that energy will be consumed. Send a powerful message to your customers and guests by greening your event with NC GreenPower. Download our calculator methodology here.

You can also calculate the positive impact that your NC GreenPower contribution can make online with our Donation impact calculator, and calculate a carbon offset with our Driving Green Calculator. Or, simply contact us to provide you with a detailed estimate for your specific event!

Event Impact Calculator

You can click “Calculate” at any time to see the total amount of kWh of renewable energy, lbs of CO2 and the offset cost your event will require.
After you go through each step, you’ll see the final results of how much it will cost you to offset your event.


Enter in the square footage of the room(s) that your event will be using.
Enter the amount of hours your event will last. (Be sure to include hours for event set up and tear down!)

Estimated total sq ft

Estimated total hours

Total Cost


How many of your guests will be traveling to your event by car for 20 miles or more roundtrip?

Local Trips (20 Miles RT)


Total Cost

Short Trips (100 Miles RT)

Medium Trips (200 Miles RT)

Long Trips (400 Miles RT)


Enter in the number of people expected to attend your event.
Enter in how many meals will be served to each attendee. ($0.125/per meal)


Meals per attendee

Total Cost


Enter in the number of attendees expected to have a hotel stay and how many nights to offset. ($0.25/per night)


Nights of stay

Total Cost

Click "Calculate" when you're finished or "Back" to make any changes.

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