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Buy Local! Buy Organic & Protect Your Health!

Do you ever shop organic at your local grocery store? Buying organic has its positives and negatives. On the negative side, organic products cost a bit more than conventional and don’t always look the greatest. And sometimes organics aren’t local, and therefore have a larger “travel footprint” than local, conventional produce for carbon emissions. However, consider the positives to see if they outweigh the negatives for you:  Purchasing fruits and vegetables (especially the dirty dozen) without pesticides or chemical residues on them can protect our health and that of the organic farm workers who aren’t exposed to potentially harmful substances. And fertilizers are converted from fossil fuels, so buying organic supports a more sustainable future for energy sources. This week, I …[ MORE ]

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Festival for the Eno – Celebrate Sustainability!

Since 1980, the Eno River Association has presented the annual Festival for the Eno in Durham City Park to help raise funds to secure land for parks, protect drinking water and provide habitat for creatures of all kinds. The festival is a 3-day event featuring nearly 100 musical artists on four stages, more than 100 craft artists, EEEK (Eno Environmental Education for Kids), hands on activities, demonstrations, non-profit booths, and many more family fun experiences. There is a common theme of sustainability and regional environmental awareness throughout the entire experience at the Eno. From their efforts for a “trash-free” festival with an award winning program, to activities that highlight the relationship between the river and the surrounding community, to sustainability workshops like how to make rain barrels …[ MORE ]

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Reduce… Reuse… Recycle!

Another hot topic NC GreenPower is focusing on this month is recycling! Of course, many of us are familiar with The Recycle Guys and the catchy R-E-C-Y-C-L-E jingle, but at the same time we often think that this “one can” or “one bottle” won’t make too much of a difference. But, the act of recycling one item is so much more than just keeping it out of a landfill. It’s important to keep in mind what happens after you do your part in tossing it to the recycling bin. Your used items go to recycling centers (where in NC alone, 15,000 jobs have been created from the Recycling industry), and will be used again to create new items which will result in less energy use, …[ MORE ]

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Green, Yellow, Red… Not just for stoplights!

Earlier this month, following our June theme of “Air Quality”, we tweeted a few lesser-known facts about air quality and how it relates to your lung health. Little attention is given to air quality in our day to day lives, given that the hazardous particles such as ozone are relatively invisible unless it’s a particularly hazy day. Even when you can’t see it, the danger is there. The American Lung Association provides a “State of the Air” Report that has incredible information regarding the air and your health. On a local level at the NC Department of Natural Resources, much emphasis is placed on reaching out to the public to help provide a better understanding of Air Quality Forecasts! A simple color …[ MORE ]

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Who we are

Started in 2003, NC GreenPower is a statewide, nonprofit organization working to help improve the quality of the environment in North Carolina. We do this with voluntary contributions that we receive from residents and businesses who donate directly or through their utility bills to support local renewable energy and carbon offset projects. We work with all utilities across the state. They help us by marketing the program to their customers and collecting donations for us through utility bills. All of the money is then simply passed over to NC GreenPower. Renewable energy funds are used to pay approved generators across the state for each kilowatt hour of green energy they produce and put onto the electric grid from their project. …[ MORE ]

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Father’s Day weekend is here!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@NCGP) you’ll see we’ve been posting ideas left and right about eco-friendly gifts for dad and ways to celebrate sustainably. Some ideas for gifts have been things like a solar-powered docking station, homemade household items, and even recycled rubber flip-flops and an organic cotton beach towel. Taking time out of your day to just go on a nature walk through the park is always a great option, too. We are even launching our summer of prizes with Friday Freebies! It’s a photo contest and this week, we are looking to find out what you’ve got planned for Sunday. Be sure to check out our webpagefor details and enter to …[ MORE ]

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