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Celebrate National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week is just around the corner! This annual celebration, September 25 – October 3, 2021, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs), which promotes a cleaner, greener environment. There are many ways to participate in the fun, and we hope you’ll join us! Introduction to Electric Vehicles New to world of EVs? No worries! Check out this video produced by our friends at Plug-in NC. It covers the basics of EVs, providing an overview of charging stations, environmental benefits and more. One way to spread awareness this month is to simply share the video with your friends and family. National Drive Electric Week There are many ways to celebrate National Drive …[ MORE ]

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A Sustainable School Year

It’s about that time again for students to start heading back to the classroom. Whether you’re a parent, teacher or student, there are many ways for you to make this school year the most sustainable one yet. We hope you’ll consider incorporating a few of these ideas throughout the upcoming year: School Supplies It’s easy to get carried away with back-to-school shopping, but there are many ways to enjoy the fun while still caring for our environment. Before making a trip to the store, look at what you might be able to reuse from last year. This could include backpacks, folders, binders, pencils, crayons and more. When you do decide to buy, try buying in bulk. This will help you …[ MORE ]

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Go Green this July 4th

July 4th festivities are about to begin, which means it’s time for friends, fireworks and fun. This Independence Day, add a little bit of green to your red, white, and blue celebrations! Here are some tips to make your weekend eco-friendly: Say No to Disposables Disposable items often make for an “easy” clean-up but are not easy on the environment. Ditch the disposables this weekend and opt for reusable, compostable or recyclable dishes. Prepare for the leftovers ahead of time! Send guests with to-go containers, compost them or plan for your next meal. Decorations Buying new decorations for every holiday can add up. How about repurposing materials for decor this weekend? Place red, white and/or blue lights from Christmas in …[ MORE ]

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Women’s History Month – the Sun Queen

Historically, women have been underrepresented in STEM. Although many STEM fields advanced significantly in the mid-1900s, for women, careers were still considered taboo. With March being Women’s History Month, it seemed fitting to highlight a woman whose commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle laid the groundwork for modern solar technology: Dr. Maria Telkes. Originally from Hungary, Telkes received her PhD from the University of Budapest in 1920. After coming to the United States to join a family member in Ohio, she began to find her niche in the sciences by developing and researching systems that were less reliant on fossil fuels. She is credited with inventing the concept of a solar-powered heating system for the home. In collaboration with the …[ MORE ]

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Black History Month – Hazel O’Leary

As February comes to a close, we wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate Black History Month and reflect on the countless individuals who have driven and grown the renewable energy sector. One particularly noteworthy Black woman we’d like to highlight is The Honorable Hazel O’Leary. With an early career in criminal law, O’Leary created a reputation as a progressive, environmentally conscious do-gooder. She even served as the executive vice president at a Minnesota public utilities power company. In 1993 as President Bill Clinton was looking to fill the position of the seventh U.S. Secretary of Energy, O’Leary was a natural choice. She was unanimously approved by the Senate and became the first woman and first African American to hold …[ MORE ]

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Green Ideas for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is one of those commercialized, overly advertised holidays where you feel obligated to lavish gifts on a significant other. But if you just want to tell someone you love how much you appreciate them in your life, and don’t want to be wasteful, check out these green heart ideas! Choose local flowers. Imported flowers need to be flown or trucked in from states away, AND refrigerated during their journey, so we definitely recommend picking up your loved one flowers or a flowering plant from a local shop or one of the NC Farm Fresh retail nurseries and garden centers. Store-bought, imported flowers usually come wrapped up in cellophane — which is not recyclable. Or try an ethically conscious online retailer …[ MORE ]

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Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving

The holidays are just about here, which usually means lots of food, travel, family, and friends. But they don’t have to be wasteful. Here are some ways to make this Thanksgiving more sustainable! Plan Ahead: Americans throw away a lot of food — approximately 165 billion dollars’ worth annually. And turkey waste from Thanksgiving alone accounts for 200 million pounds of that. To stay on top of your portions this year, consider a potluck-style meal or try to gauge how much food you’ll need based on your guest count. And compost and save leftovers when you can! Shop Local: Before rushing out to eat yourself into a Thanksgiving-inspired food coma, think about where your food comes from. When working through …[ MORE ]

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Energy-Sucking Devices Are Needlessly Costing You and the Environment

October may be known for Halloween, but it’s also Energy Awareness Month! With both of these in mind, we figured it would be a great time to share a simple and not-so-scary way to support the environment while also saving money on your energy bill each month: unplug! Many of today’s electronics, appliances and devices consume electricity even when seemingly turned off or not in use. These energy vampires, sometimes called idle or phantom loads, can add over $150 to your annual energy bill and equal the electricity supplied by 50 large power plants! So even though that smartphone charger is not connected, you and the environment are still paying for electricity it is using. But do not fear. Once …[ MORE ]

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Kimberly Walsh Joins Our Team as an Administrative Assistant

We are excited to welcome Kimberly Walsh as an administrative assistant. Kimberly was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but spent most of her childhood and young adulthood in Greensboro, North Carolina. She graduated from UNC Greensboro, where she majored in environmental studies and international studies. Kimberly has long been environmentally conscious. At 8, she successfully encouraged her family to start recycling at home, and by 13, she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to pursue in the future: an opportunity that would allow her to integrate her love of the environment and education. Thanks to a diverse friend group growing up, she also developed a fascination with learning about other belief systems and religions, and she had …[ MORE ]

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Bringing STEM Education to Five More North Carolina Schools

Since April 2015, our Solar Schools program has been able to bring solar and energy education to more than 23,000 K-12 students across 27 North Carolina schools and 22 counties, and we recently announced the five newest awardees: The Center of Applied Sciences and Technology (COAST), Bolivia – Brunswick County Charles P. Murray Middle School, Wilmington – New Hanover County Hurley Elementary School, Salisbury – Rowan County Peachland-Polkton Elementary School, Peachland – Anson County Sunny View Elementary School, Mill Spring – Polk County NC GreenPower Solar Schools uses a portion of the donations we receive to provide matching grants for small photovoltaic (PV) systems (3-5 kilowatts) at schools. In addition to the solar array, the schools receive a weather station, …[ MORE ]

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