NC GreenPower

As a nonprofit, NC GreenPower works hard to help provide a cleaner, greener future for our communities. We continue to see growth in our program, thanks to the support of our donors and volunteers. We currently have more than 550 projects in North Carolina that support both renewable energy production and greenhouse gas mitigation.


Proving It

See what we've done over the last 10 years

Since 2003, NC GreenPower Donors Supported Nearly

559,204,576 kWh

Of Renewable Energy

delivered onto the electric grid right here in North Carolina.

That's the equivalent to

13,980,114 days

Of Traditional Energy Usage

The average single family home in North Carolina uses approximately 40 kWh of electricity per day

Which is Like Preventing the Consumption Of

452,955,707 lbs


Or Equivalent to Planting


Or Equivalent to Powering


Since the Launch of the Carbon Offset Product in 2008,
Donors have Supported

28,493 Metric Tonnes

Of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

That's the equivalent of Preventing

62,816,323 lbs

Of Methane Gas From Entering the Atmosphere

The average single family home in North Carolina uses approximately 40 kWh of electricity per day

Equivalent to

79,653,688 miles

Not Driven

Or Like Planting




NC GreenPower passes contributions to secure either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation. We are dedicated to providing benefits to all 100 North Carolina counties by creating opportunities for renewable energy and carbon offset producers. That’s why we work with generators of solar energy, wind power, small-scale hydro power, biomass energy and carbon offsets in all parts of the state to support projects for North Carolina. Our goal is to increase the amount of renewable energy and carbon offsets statewide, so we frequently seek new projects. See Become a Generator for information about producing power or carbon offsets for NC GreenPower.



$3 of $4 Model

Contributions to renewable energy and carbon offsets are given by individuals and businesses either directly to us, or through their utility. The utilities help us with billing and collecting donations, and they pass contributions in their entirety to NC GreenPower every month.

NC GreenPower only keeps $1 out of every $4 for marketing and administration, though the majority of that portion just covers the cost of operating the program. NC GreenPower has applied for grants to help pay for most marketing expenses.

The remaining $3 of all contributions are always reserved to pay for either renewable energy generation or carbon offset mitigation.

And when you contribute, you get the benefits of either 100 kWh of green energy on the grid, or 1,000 lbs of greenhouse gases that were mitigated! Annually, NC GreenPower contributors help to generate about 28 million kWh from renewable sources – which roughly equates to powering 1,900 homes for an entire year. Carbon Offset annual donations currently exceed 14 million pounds of greenhouse gases mitigated. That’s like taking 1,700 cars off the road or like planting 1 million trees!

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